1. Call to Order/Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Good of the Order

4. Council Member Comments

5. Approval of the Minutes:
October 20, 2014 Regular Council Meeting

6. Public Comment. This is an opportunity for any citizen to come forward and discuss any item that is not listed on the Agenda. (Please make your remarks from the podium and limit your presentation from 2 to 5 minutes.)

7. Approval of the Consent Agenda.
All items listed below are considered routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council Member or citizen so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.
Claims & Payroll
August 2014 Treasurer’s Report
September 2014 Treasurer’s Report

8. Consideration of Ordinance No. 14-11, an Ordinance Amending Table 168-2 of the City of Windsor Heights Zoning Code of Ordinances, Amending Food Sales (Convenience) to be Permitted as a Conditional Use in the Community Commercial (CC) Zoning District Instead of Permitted by Right (3rd Reading)

9. Consideration of Ordinance No. 14-12, for the Division of Revenues under Iowa Code, Section 403.19, for Amendment No. 3 to the Amended and Restated Urban Renewal Plan for the City of Windsor Heights (2nd Reading)

10. Consideration of Resolution No. 14-1163, A Resolution Authorizing Review of Disclosure Activities and Participation in the Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperative Initiative

11. Consideration of Resolution No. 14.1164, A Resolution Approving a Wage Adjustment for the Professional Administrative Assistant

12. Consideration of Approval, of Site Plan for Unity Point Clinic, NW at Windsor Crossings as Recommended by Planning and Zoning at its October 22, 2014 Meeting

13. Consideration of Approval, of the City’s Fiscal Year 2014 Urban Renewal Report

14. Consideration of Final Payment – New City Hall (1145 66th Street Suite 1) in the Amount of $93,548.56 payable to TS Construction, Inc.

15. Discussion / Possible Action, Controlling the City’s Deer Population

16. Administrator Reports

17. Mayor’s Inquiries

18. Possible Closed Session, In accord with Chapter 21.5(1)(i) of the Code of Iowa To Evaluate the Professional Competency of an Individual Whose Appointment, Hiring, Performance, or Discharge is Being Considered When Necessary to Prevent Needless and Irreparable Injury to that Individuals Reputation and That Individual Requests a Closed Session

19. Return to Open Session

20. Discussion/Possible Action Regarding Appointment of Permanent City Administrator

21. Consideration of Resolution No. 14-1165, A Resolution Authorizing and Approving the Mayor to Enter into an Agreement with the Council’s Chosen Candidate to become the City Administrator for the City of Windsor Heights

22. Adjourn to 6:00pm on Monday November 17 at Windsor Heights City Hall