1. Call to Order/Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Public Hearing to take comments on the issuance of not to exceed $70,000 in General Obligation Capital Loan Notes for the purchase of Fire Department Capital Equipment

4. Good of the Order
-Presentation of gift cards collected at National Night Out for military service members

5. Council Member Comments

6. Approval of the Minutes:
-August 4, 2014 Regular Council Meeting

7. Public Comment. This is an opportunity for any citizen to come forward and discuss any item that is not listed on the Agenda. (Please make your remarks from the podium and limit your presentation from 2 to 5 minutes.)

8. Approval of the Consent Agenda.
All items listed below are considered routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council Member or citizen so requests, in which event the item will be
removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.
Claims & Payroll
June 2014 Clerk and Investment Report

9. Consideration of Class E Liquor License renewal request
-Wine & Spirits Gallery

10. Consideration of Ordinance 14-10 (3rd reading) amending Chapter 37, Fire Code of the City of Windsor Heights Code of Ordinances, permit fees and departmental charge

11. Consideration of Resolution 14-0846 instituting proceedings to take additional action for the authorization of a loan agreement and the issuance of not to exceed $70,000 General Obligation Capital Loan Notes Series 2014B

12. Consideration of Resolution 14-0847 authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Big Green Umbrella for the Windsor Living magazine newsletter

13. Consideration of Resolution 14-0848 authorizing the renewal of a towing contract between the Windsor Heights Police Department & Richman Enterprises (Kruegers Towing)

14. Consideration of Resolution 14-0849 authorizing a memorandum of understanding between the City of Windsor Heights and Westcom for radio frequency sharing

15. Administrator Reports
-CA Report
-PD Report
-PW Report
-Community Center Report
-City Inspector Report
-FD Report

16. Mayor’s Inquiries

17. Adjourn to 6:00pm on Monday September 2 at Windsor Heights City Hall