City Services

The City of Windsor Heights provides some of the most cost effective but high quality level of service in the entire Des Moines Metro area. We offer first rate city services supported by a stable tax base and an unrivalled sense of community.

The City was founded in 1941 to specifically raise the quality of service to its residents - today this dedication to great service continues. The City of Windsor Heights use a mix of local, regional and private entities to provide a comprehensive web of services for all the residential, commercial and industrial users.

We Offer

  • Excellent Public Safety response - including an ISO Fire Rating of III and a 13-officer Police Department.
  • 2 comprehensive city parks, extensive city recreation trails connected to a regional network, and partnering with local schools to create neighborhood "pocket parks."
  • Teaming between City Council, planning bodies and private developers to redevelop property in the center of the Des Moines Metropolitan Area.
  • Governmental agreements with the Metro Library Council allowing City residents to use library facilities in four different neighboring cities.
  • Cooperative agreement with nearby cities to offer assistance to low-income homeowners through the Metro Home Improvement program
  • Cable TV and Solid Waste Collection by franchisee agreements
  • Regional Drinking and Waste Water agreements
  • Responsive citizen service today, built on decades of community building in a diverse population of persons, ideas and dreams.