Community Center & Pavilion Rental Information

2/8/21 COVID-19 Restrictions Update

Governor Reynolds has eased restrictions related to COVID-19; however, our facility strongly encourages the use of masks and social distancing.


Click here to rent the Community Center online! 

You will need to create an account first. After you have selected your dates and times, a notification will be sent to Windsor Heights to approve your rental. Your request will be reviewed Monday-Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm. Once it has been approved, you will receive an email to pay online.


To view a calendar of available dates, click here, select the Community Center & Pavilion and then the space size that you are interested in renting. If a date is orange that means there is an event scheduled, but a least of other available times will be displayed to the right. We require two hours between events to allow for cleaning and inspection.

Pricing & Policies

Our facility is located at 6900 School Street in Windsor Heights and is priced by the space size and by the hour. 

  • Windsor Heights does not hold dates and all rentals are on a first-come basis only.
  • All Saturday rentals require a 5-hour minimum rental time
  • All other days require a 2-hour minimum rental time
  • The Center is available to rent from 7 am to midnight

Please scroll down to "Discounts & Fees" to see a list of possible fees.

1/3 SPACE:  $75 per hour

  • Holds up to 70 guests
  • Includes full concession kitchen
  • No AV equipment provided
  • 7 - 72 inch round tables provided. Each table fits 8-10 chairs.
  • Weekday Rental Fee (Monday-Friday with the rental ending before 4 pm) is $60/hour

2/3 SPACE:  $100 per hour

  • Holds up to 100 guests
  • Includes a large catering kitchen
  • AV equipment included and microphone
  • 10 – 72 inch round tables provided. Each table fits 8-10 chairs. 
  • Weekday Rental Fee (Monday-Friday with the rental ending before 4 pm) is $80/hour

FULL SPACE:  $125 per hour

  • Full Day Package (7 am - midnight) $1600 
    • Friday Evening (8 pm Friday - midnight with the Full Day Package) $400. A renter has the option to rent the Full Space on the Friday evening prior to their Saturday event, from 8 pm -12 am. This is only for renters who use the Full Day Package
    • Any additional hours outside of the 8 pm-12 am will be priced at $125/hour.
    • Additional fees may apply - see the "Fees" section below.
  • Holds up to 200 guests with 20 – 72 inch round tables. Each table fits 8-10 chairs. 
  • Includes a large catering kitchen and an option to also rent the concession kitchen for an additional fee of $50 with a full day rental.  
  • Weekday Rental Fee (Monday-Friday with the rental ending before 4 pm) is $100/hour

To view a complete list of our policies, please read out Guidelines here.


  • Saturdays require a 50% deposit
  • Sunday-Friday rentals have a $100 deposit
  • All rentals within 60 days require the balance to be paid upfront
  • We don't hold dates until the deposit has been paid


All rentals have an administrative fee, but some fees are unique to certain rentals. Scroll down for other possible fees.


  • $50 flat fee


• A flat fee is charged whenever any alcohol is served in the facility, regardless of the guest count.

  • 1/3 Space $50
  • 2/3 Space $100
  • Full Space $150

No hard liquor is allowed in the facility.

• Using the City’s cleaning service is required when over 80 guests are present and alcohol is served.

• An off-duty Windsor Heights Police Officer is required to be present for the event and the renter is required to use the City’s cleaning service if alcohol and over 150 people are present. 

  • If this service is required for your rental, the officer will contact you closer to your event. Payment for the off-duty officer must be made directly to the officer by means of personal check 30 days prior to the event. An invoice will be sent by the Windsor Heights Police Officers Association 60 days prior to the event.
  • Staff reserves the right to exercise discretion when determining if an officer is needed.

• No cash bar service is allowed in the Community Center. All alcohol must be given away and is not allowed to be sold.

Cleaning Fee

  • 1/3 Space Non-Resident $75. Residents $60
  • 2/3 Space Non-Resident $175. Residents $130
  • Full Space Non-Resident $250. Residents $190

Renters who elect to clean themselves, but fail to clean properly as assets by our facility manager may be charged additional fees.

Click here to see our cleaning checklist, which shows what is required for renters to clean themselves.


The City of Windsor Heights Special Event Application is necessary for the use of private property, public property and/or park property that is open to the public, or requires right-of-way usage or temporary street closures: parades, runs/walk, fairs/festivals, outdoor concerts/amplified sounds, athletic events, horse carriage, fundraisers, farmer’s markets, fireworks/pyrotechnics, demonstrations, exhibitions, temporary structures (tents, canopies, stages, inflatables), (excluding block parties).

Special Events Application

Food Trucks

Food trucks are allowed, but a permit is required with a $75 fee. Please submit this permit application to


The Windsor Heights Community Center is located in Colby Park at 6900 School Street. Renters are able to use the same parking lot as the park.


Tours of the facility are canceled due to COVID-19. If you would like to see the facility, please refer to the video tour below. At the bottom of the page, there is also a slideshow of the facility and a link to the building floor plans.

Windsor Heights Community Center at sunset Opens in new window


wedding at pavilion

PAVILION: $50 for 4 hours or $100 for 8 hours. It is not rented hourly, but only in 4 or 8-hour blocks.

  • Outlets for sound equipment are on each pillar
  • No chairs are provided
  • No alcohol is allowed outside in Colby Park


  • 25%  discount applied to hourly rental fees for Windsor Heights residents.
  • ID or mail required for proof of Windsor Heights Residency.
  • Weekday Daytime Hourly Rental Fees are excluded.
  • 10%  discount applied to the hourly rental of the following non-profit groups or organizations: Non-profit groups/organizations (including civic and service groups, government or religious groups, scout groups or youth organizations and active military (if no admission is charged).
  • Fees may be waived by the City Council for events in the Community Center on a special case basis for nonprofit organizations only. This is based on the sole discretion of the Council, no fee waivers will be approved by City staff. Staff will put together the necessary paperwork and resolutions for consideration by the City Council. Please coordinate these requests with City staff. A request must be made 30 days prior to the rental date.
  • Discounts only apply to the hourly rental fee and all other associated fees remain in full.
  • If the Facility is being used for a fundraiser project, all tickets must be an advanced sale.
  • All cancellations are nonrefundable.

Agreements & Guidelines

Questions & FAQ

View a list of commonly asked questions about the rental process and facility here.

For questions about renting the Community Center, please contact Communications/Recreation Coordinator Whitney Tucker Monday-Friday at 515-645-6819 or

Emails and voicemails left over the weekend will be returned the following business day.

Community Center Photos

Photography by Steve Peterson
Decorations by Eventfully Yours