Snow & Ice Removal

Snow & Ice Control

The City takes a serious approach and utilizes maximum resources to efficiently and safely remove snow and ice. The following guidelines will help us serve you better!

Parking Regulations

Snow Removal, City Code 60.10.10, Notwithstanding all other parking restrictions in this Traffic Code, it is unlawful to park any vehicle, except to avoid an accident or in obedience to the signal of a police officer or a traffic control device, upon any of the streets of the City during the time of any snowfall and within 24 hours following the end of any snowfall. This applies to all Windsor Heights streets. Vehicles must be removed from the street until the snow is cleared from curb to curb. If a vehicle is not removed from the street it may be ticketed. The cost of a snow ordinance ticket is $25. The City of Windsor Heights will post alerts on this website or you can call 515-279-3662 during business hours to find out if the ban has been put into effect. You can also follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for emergency parking ban notifications. It is best to plan ahead and assume that if more than one inch of snow has been forecast, it is necessary that your street will be plowed and vehicles must be parked elsewhere.


Residents are required by ordinance to clear sidewalks (including pedestrian ramps) within 48 hours after the end of a snowfall. Please shovel or blow the snow into your yard, not in the street. If your sidewalk is icy, please apply salt to melt the ice. It is best to remove the snow as early as possible to prevent the buildup of ice or packing of the snow.

Property owners that do not remove the snow accumulations from their sidewalk will be notified with a door hanger stating that if the snow is not removed within 24 hours of delivery of the notice, the owner may be subject to a citation and the City may choose to perform the work and assess the costs against the property.

Pushing or Blowing Snow into the Street

Residents are prohibited from pushing, throwing, or blowing snow from any sidewalk, driveway, or private property into the street.

Trash & Recycling Containers

Please do not place garbage or recycling containers in the street when snow is falling or forecasted. Containers in the street prevent plows from clearing the street curb to curb, creating a hazard for motorists.

Mailboxes and Fire Hydrants

It is rare that a snowplow damages a properly installed mailbox. To protect your mailbox, make sure it is at least 6” behind the front of the curb, 48” above the surface of the street, and is adequately constructed to withstand snow clearing efforts by the City. If we damage your mailbox, please call City Hall at 515-279-3662.

The City will plow the snow within the confines of curb line to curb line of a street. During heavy snowfalls, there may be times when there is simply not enough room between the street and the sidewalk to store all of the snow from the street. During these times we ask your assistance in clearing the snow from around the mailbox to assure delivery of the mail.

Our Public Works crew will do their best to not bury fire hydrants during snow removal operations. It is a good idea to remove snow from around fire hydrants on your property so that our emergency response crews can access them if needed.


Snow removal is considered primarily to be a function of emergency operations. The top priority for snow removal is opening up streets so that police cars, fire engines, and ambulances can respond to emergencies. The second priority for snow removal is access in and out of driveways for residents. Operations are prioritized as follows:

  • University Avenue
  • 70th and 73rd Streets
  • Residential side streets
  • Trails
  • Parks, parking lots, and City facilities.

If your street has not been plowed, it is because we are working on opening up the main thoroughfares. Our snow removal operations do not stop until all streets have been cleared. If you think that a plow driver has missed your street, please call City Hall at 515-279-3662.

The Iowa DOT does snow removal on I-235 and 63rd Street (Highway 28) through Windsor Heights.