Fee Schedule

City code requires that all rental properties have a Certificate of Inspection before occupancy is allowed. Fees are payable to the City of Windsor Heights at the Public Safety building, 1133 66th St PRIOR to an inspection or re-inspection.

Rental HousingConversion Fee

This one-time fee is $250 per building.

Rental Housing Inspection/Certification Rates

This fee is $150 per building (includes one unit) and $30 for each additional unit within the building. * A charge of $25 will be assessed to the property owner for not showing up for the inspection.

Initial Inspection Fees

Number of Units
1 $150
2 $180
3 $210
4 $240
5 $270
6 $300
7 $330
8 $360
9 $390
10 $420

Re-Inspection Fees

Re-inspections within 30 days of the previous inspection.
Inspection Occurrence
1st re-inspection
$25 per trip + $5 per unit
2nd re-inspection
$50 per trip + $5 per unit
3rd re-inspection
$100 per trip + $5 per unit
4th re-inspection                                                                                                           
Constitutes a municipal infraction, subject to the penalties and alternative relief authorized by this Code of Ordinances and by Section 364.22 of the Code of Iowa for failure to comply with the Rental Housing Code; civil penalty is $500 or the maximum amount allowed by State law, whichever is greater.