Sidewalk Improvement Project


This project consists of new constructed sidewalk on one side of the streets of the following:

  • 64th – College to University
  • Del Matro – 73rd to 64th St.
  • 63rd St- Anticipated completion date is 2018

Contract Amount

  • $904,334

Estimated Start Date

  • July 17,2017

Estimated Completion Date

  • November 30, 2017


  • Kingston Services PC


  • Matt Ferrier and Justin Ernst, Bolton & Menk  

City Staff Project Contact

  • Public Works Director Doug Stone 645-6825

Notice to Bidders

Notice (PDF)  |  Plans (PDF)  |  Specs (PDF)


Project Status


All concrete work is complete on 64th Street. The Contractor will be grading and we be finishing retaining walls the week of November 20th.

The Contractor is repairing the intakes at 73rd Street and Del Matro Avenue and will finish grading around those the week of November 20th.

If you have any questions, call Wyatt Klooster, Bolton & Menk, at 563-249-1719.  He will assist you with the process and answer your questions.

Additional Resources


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: that there is now on file for public inspection in the office of the City Clerk of Windsor Heights, Iowa, a proposed resolution of necessity, an estimate of cost, and a plat and schedule showing the amounts proposed to be assessed against each lot and the valuation of each lot within a district approved by the council of Windsor Heights, Iowa, for a sidewalk improvement of the type(s) and in the location(s) as follows:

See Exhibit A (PDF)

The council will meet at 6:00 p.m., on May 15th, 2017, at the Windsor Heights City Hall, 1133 66th Street, Windsor Heights, Iowa, at which time the owners of property subject to assessment for the proposed improvement or any other person having an interest in the matter may appear and be heard for or against the making of the improvement, the boundaries of the district, the cost, the assessment against any lot, or the final adoption of a resolution of necessity. A property owner will be deemed to have waived all objections unless at the time of hearing the property owner has filed objections with the clerk.