Weeds, Trees, Grass & Brush


10. Weeds, Brush.

Dense growth of all weeds, vines, brush, or other vegetation in the City so as to constitute a health, safety, or fire hazard, or which otherwise constitute a nuisance under this chapter. For purposes of this subsection, all growths of grass or weeds in excess of six inches (6”) in height shall be deemed to be a nuisance. Exempt from this subsection are growths used primarily for educational and/or research purposes, so long as the growths are controlled. Also exempt from this subsection is ornamental grass.

11. Diseased or Damaged Trees or Plant Materials.

Any dead, diseased, or damaged trees or plant materials, which may harbor serious insect or disease pests or diseases injurious to other trees or plant materials, or any healthy tree in such a state of deterioration.